Hispanics represent the largest minority segment of the US population. With an annual buying power of nearly 2 trillion dollars, the Hispanic population already accounts for an important share of consumer expenditures especially in the grooming and personal care category.

Nielsen reports that Hispanics spend substantially more than the total market in categories such as baby products, hair care, and toiletries.

Most of these purchases are grooming and personal care brands that Hispanics used long before migrating to the US.

TWT maintains in its inventory many of the health and beauty care brand names that Hispanics trust and use. All of our Hispanic-focused planograms feature products such as gels, shampoos, facial soaps, body washes, foot powders, conditioners, etc from major brand names such as Labella, Gorilla Snot, Grisa, SS Tonic, Vanart, Derman, Dermisa and many more.